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Pastor Victoria Raftery

Victoria Raftery is best known for bringing dreams and visions to life. It goes far beyond her organizational skill set and the ability to motivate people. It is, in fact, a rare quality that energizes the invisible desires, hopes and ideas that come to all of our hearts into a living, breathing entity. In her more than 45 years of experience, her powerful presence has been witnessed by many on platforms around the world as a motivational speaker, singer and worship leader. 


Victoria Raftery, is the founder and host of the "DreamChic" Women's Conference, an international ministry developed to help women and families around the world understand their value and purpose. Victoria gathers upon the platform of her meetings some of today's most prominent and gifted leaders where they together encourage and equip women and families to possess their God-given dreams and visions.


Victoria along with her husband Lawrence C. Raftery of 49 years are the founding pastors of Laurel Church Ministries, a life giving church in Merrillville Indiana. For more information Victoria can be reached at

Vision For DreamChic 

Before DreamChic began, God spoke three simple words to my heart. "Your Dream Counts." With those words, He showed me a painted canvas, but the canvas was unfinished. The intended beauty of the painting was missing. I knew those incomplete portions of the canvas represented people's missing talents. Their hidden, underused, or unrealized gifts. My heart was to gather those people and help the ones with hidden, unrealized talents to discover and use those treasures while helping the ones with underused treasures to strengthen and enhance them, all for God's glory.

And so, DreamChic began. 

We all have a God-given dream. My heart is to encourage and motivate people not to give up on that dream. I want to see God reveal something beautiful in His people and help them see in themselves what others cannot. And for the younger generation, my heart is to have them come forth to be strengthened and trained up in their dream. 

All of us need to realize that God values each and every one of our gifts, and He wants to use them in us, regardless of how "seasoned" or "unseasoned" those gifts are. Like the Word says in Luke 1:37, nothing is impossible with God. All things are possible, according to Mark 9:23. 

At the center of your heart is your dream. Your dream is very personal, very precious, and very powerful because it is who you were meant to be. It's not too early or too late. It's not too big or too small. So ask yourself, who am I? What is my dream? Sleeping in your dream is no longer an option. Awake into your dream because YOUR DREAM COUNTS!!






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